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WORK IN PROGRESS ——–> Special K7 Ceramic Box!!!

2 EP Radiant + ORA Next release June 18th 2023 on Jelodanti Rec (Limited edition 10 Copies) //

+ Bonus remix Aspettami by Amaury Cambuzat(Ulan Bator – band)

+ Bonus remix Radiosi by Adrien Kanter (Le réveil des Tropiques)

RADIANT // Bandcamp :https://radiantnoise.bandcamp.com/

Tous droits réservés : RADIANT / Jelodanti records (FR)Taxi Driver Records (IT)In special ceramic box by Danilo Trogu customized by Jelodanti


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has the great joy of being able to announce the release, 30 years later, of the MISS MARVEL album!!!!!
Official release on July 15, 2023 /////////

Amaury Cambuzat
(Ulan Bator, Faust) Olivier Manchion (Ulan Bator, Permanent Fatal Error) Franq De Quengo (Dragibus)

MISS MARVEL existed in Paris from 1991 to 1992. Some « very powerful » concerts given at the time in the capital, Miss Marvel shared the bill with the Sister Iodine, Deity Guns or even in the first part of Babes in Toyland during their visit to the Ornano space. After two demos released on cassettes and a self-produced album never published, the adventure stops. Amaury and Olivier then locked themselves in a chalk mine in the suburbs of Paris to build their own studio there, which would become the lair of their successor project ULAN BATOR. Franq meanwhile, (now programmer of the Sonic Protest festival) will continue his musical career with DRAGIBUS. Thirty years later and for the first time on vinyl, the eponymous album was released on the Jelodanti label.