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JELODANTI RECORDS is soooo happy to announce the release of the new ROSE MERCIE album


We are pleased to share with you the cover, which will be embellished with hand made stamps // cover by FÉLICITÉ

Release march 2022 with Celluloid Lunch records (Canada)






Paragraphs and Principles’ is the most ambitious album yet by the experimental, maverick pop group Officer! The group has surprised itself with this dazzling yet almost dangerous collection of pieces that keep alive the glorious memory of composer Cornelius Cardew – comrade and champion. His work, while of its time, remains strangely contemporary. It is difficult music – mystifying perhaps, idealistic certainly, and contentious without doubt. That said, Cardew was also drawn to rousing, goose-bump melodies that wear their politics on their sleeves. Since his untimely and sinister death in 1981, the world has come full circle and Cardew’s desire for rebellion, democratisation, rejection of crass popularism, and a revolution in politics, thought and approach have all become relevant once more. Officer!’s tribute to Cardew features several dynamic re-interpretations of his key works, as well new music that draws inspiration from his principles and philosophy. For this outing, Officer! is Mick Hobbs, Felix Fiedorowicz and Bill Gilonis alongside a stunning line-up of 30 performers from 8 countries. No one knows quite how this project came about – it’s almost an international conspiracy, and certainly a closely guarded secret. We hope only that upon their unleashing, these fierce new sounds may be heard by as many ears as possible.

Performed by:

Xentos Fray Bentos / Andy Bole / Alison Craig / Mary Currie / Luc Debouk / Felix Fiedorowicz / Bill Gilonis / Teresa Hackel / Nuala Hamilton / Ben Hobbs / Mick Hobbs / Kwettap Ieuw / Salvatore Iovino / Catherine Jauniaux / David Kerman / Jeffrey McGrath / Roger Nickl / Jared Paolini / Alig Pearce / Flavio Rohner / Stephen Santillan / Simon Sigrist / Flavio Spirgi / Joey Stack / Daniel Studer / Jeroen Visser / Hannah Weh / Rick Wilson / Sophie Wolf / Lilian Zihlmann

Cover Design by Mick Hobbs for the CD on Klang Galerie
Cornelius Cardew

// Sortie prévue en décembre 2021 //


TTTTTTTRÈÈÈÈÈSSSS Heureux nous sommes de vous annoncer une nouvelle association maléfique avec le trio halluciné :



Pour la sortie en vinyle de leur premier album ! Avec Head records, Le Mat & Jelodanti Records !!!!

ADOLF HIBOU – « Dreamland » from the album « Princess Barely Legal » – 2021 « Sun City Girls » cover // Video clip by : Tino Di Santolo – 2021


// Sortie prévue en mars 2021 //